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Infinite Flyer is a procedurally generated star-fox style arcade game, with dynamic difficulty adjustment.

Thanks for playing my game! This was designed for a university project, so I've included a short questionnaire which I'd appreciate if you filled out after playing both versions of the game at least once. If you're not interested, just stick on the mode with a timer.


How to play:

Fly into the flashing green orbs to gain energy. Spend energy to speed up and gain more ship time (at your own risk). Shoot enemies to gain ship time. You'll also gain a points bonus the longer you stay alive. Don't forget to turn your ship's time into more play time and points - if you hit an asteroid or enemy bullet, you'll lose them all. Get as many points as possible before the timer runs out!


Arrow keys move.

Charge and release a shot with X.

Speed up with Z.

C to turn points into more time.

R to retry.

N to switch mode.