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o kepeken e ilo Google Chrome / please play in Chrome

Toki Pona is a constructed language created by Sonja Lang https://tokipona.org

This game can be used as a study aid for beginners in conjunction with 'Toki Pona: The Language of Good' which can be bought at the link above.

Toki Pona word audio provided by jan Lakuse.

Music and sound effects by SØL

nasin sona musi

sina lukin e pu la, musi ni li pona tawa sina. taso sina jan sin tawa toki pona la, ken la musi ni li pona kin.

sina kepeken musi ni la sina ken:

  • pona e sona sina
  • kama sona e kon ante pi nimi ale
  • lukin e sitelen e nimi lon tenpo lili
  • kama sona e sitelen pona

This game is intended for people who have read pu, or another introductory toki pona course. However if you are new to toki pona it's possible this game can be useful as well!

If you play this game you can:

  • improve your knowledge
  • come to know different meanings of all words (with word interpretations drawn from Sonja Lang's toki pona questionnaires)
  • read words and characters quickly
  • learn Sitelen Pona

Game Modes

  • toki pona: read English interpretations and type the toki pona word they correspond to against the clock
  • lipu nimi: explore toki pona at your leisure.
    • Explore the interactive map of sitelen pona to jump between related concepts
    • View explanations of every word written solely in toki pona
    • Type a word to jump straight to it
    • View brief definitions of each word by hovering over them with the mouse
  • sitelen pona: learn the sitelen pona characters, one set of characters at a time, and speed up your reading comprehension in Challenge Mode.

o musi pona

If you have any feedback or bug reports you can contact me here, on on the ma pona discord (@jan Mulan)

Development log


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musi ni li pona a tawa mi! tenpo pini lili la mi kama sona e toki pona. tan musi ni la, mi sona pona e nimi ale pi toki pona. nasin "lipu nimi" lin pona kin tawa mi. ona pana mi e ni: mi ken sona e nimi kepeken toki pona. tan ni la, mi kama sona,

tenpo kama la, jan James Moulang li pana e nimi ku suli anu seme?


I like this game! About two weeks ago I started getting into Toki Pona, and thanks in part to playing this for a few rounds every morning, I have learned all the words. The Lipu Nimi is great too, because I can read the bits in Toki Pona, practicing my comprehension. 

Do you have any plans to add the "nimi ku suli" from the Toki Pona dictionary? I see tonsi and monsuta are already there (which is good because I am indeed a monsuta tonsi) but I was wondering if the rest would make it in.

Thanks for the game!

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I love this! 

I've run into a bug though: after completing the first section in "sitelen pona". clicking on Start in the Review block makes it show an empty window with no buttons. I can see a javascript error in the console: "Uncaught ReferenceError: char is not defined" in main.js. Tried clearing all site data & cookies, same result.

I'd really like to complete all the sections, so it would be awesome if this could perhaps be patched. Thanks!

Edit: Bug has been fixed :)

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Fixed. Thanks for letting me know! You can skip the Learn phase with the } key to get back to where you were.

Great stuff, thanks so much!

Hey, I just played your game.

Here are my feedbacks on it :

- Feeling of the game is great

- Music is really soothing EVEN IF the gameplay is a bit speedy which contrast

- Really impressive considering the background behind this game, creating a langage is really something.

It reminds me this : https://pantopie.org/

Congrats !